25 October 2023

LMH Mixtape #190: Jokes

I'm not joking when I say this mixtape has the goods.  Treasure Castle from Socket features some really cool bells that ping pong back and forth in stereo.  Tatsuyuki Maeda shows off the strengths of the Genesis' FM synth with an awesome track from J.League Pro Striker 2 that features snappy drums and funky bass, especially in the intro.  Also, check out the full episode for a VGM Karaoke track from LMH user Juli├ín (a.k.a. YSY-Y)!


Instant favorite:  Socket - Treasure Castle
What Genesis does:  J.League Pro Striker 2 - Unknown (Sound Test 8A)
Adventurous with a bit of mystery:  The 7th Saga - The Farthest Reaches

Track listing and original episode:

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