28 February 2024

LMH Mixtape #204: David Wise

In a RARE moment, The Legacy Music Hour had back to back composer focus episodes, which also happened to feature exclusive interviews with said composers.  This episode focuses on famed video game composer David Wise!  David is famous for many game soundtracks, including the Donkey Kong Country series, Battletoads, and much more.  His own distinct style stands out amongst his fellow western composers, focusing on elements like percussion, rather than the arpeggios typically found in western compositions.  David combines influences such as 80's synth rock and movie scores to create some truly iconic video game soundtracks.  The 80's rock influence can be heard in his earlier compositions on the NES, where he uses the noise channel (think of the classic "video game explosion" sound) to replicate rock style drum hits.  You can get a lot more insight into David's work from the interview in the full episode, but for now, it's time to enjoy a Wise selection of tracks in this composer focus mixtape!


A fantastic New Age track: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - In a Snow-Bound Land
Distinctly David Wise: IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II - Store/Game Over
Blatant favoritism award: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Flight of the Zinger

Track listing and original episode:

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