16 November 2011

Episode 55: Fire and Lava

In Episode 55, Brent and Rob embrace a hot topic.  Not a controversial topic, just literally hot.  That is, they share tracks from only fire/lava stages in video games.  What a nice, toasty way to get in to the cooler, Fall season!  And, for your convenience, The Legacy Music Hour has included a photo of Omar Sharif at the end of this post.  Feel free to use that photo appropriately.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Life Force - Miki Higashino, Hidenori Maezawa (arr.), Shinya Sakamoto (arr.), Satoe Terashima (arr.), Atsushi Fujio (arr.) - Planet Ratis (Stage 3) - Konami - NES - 1988

Thunder Force III - Toshiharu Yamanishi - Venus Fire (Stage 2: Gorgon) - Technosoft - Genesis - 1990

Gradius II - Shinji Tasaka, Motoaki Furukawa, Kenichi Matsubara, Seiichi Fukami - Burning Heat (Stage 1) - Konami - arcade (Japan) - 1988

Mega Man 2 - Takashi Tateishi - Heat Man - Capcom - NES - 1989

Battletoads - David Wise - Volkmire's Inferno - Rare/Tradewest - NES - 1991

Sonic 3D Blast - Tatsuyuki Maeda - Volcano Valley Zone 2 - Sega - Genesis - 1995

Rocket Knight Adventures - Masanori Oouchi, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Masanori Adachi, Aki Hata, Michiru Yamane - Stage 3 - Konami - Genesis - 1993

Jurassic Park - Sam Powell - Volcano - BlueSky Software/Sega - Genesis - 1993

Ristar - Tomoko Sasaki - Round 3-1 (Busy Flare) - Sega - Genesis - 1995

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos - Ryuichi Nitta (Shitamachi Kajiya), Mayuko Okamura (Mayu) - Blazing Inferno (Act 4-1) - Tecmo - NES - 1990

Granada - Motoi Sakuraba - Bumpy Road (Stage 8: Volcano) - Wolf Team/Renovation - Genesis - 1990

F-Zero - Yumiko Kanki - Fire Field - Nintendo - SNES - 1991

Blaster Master - Naoki Kodaka - Area 7 - Sunsoft - NES - 1988

Gaiares - Shinobu Ogawa - Mission 5 - Telenet Japan - Genesis - 1990

Tetris Attack - Masaya Kuzume - Blaze Stage - Nintendo - SNES - 1996

Super Metroid - Kenji Yamamoto - Norfair Ancient Ruins Area - Nintendo - SNES - 1994

Axelay - Taro Kudou - Burning - Konami - SNES - 1992


  1. Glad you finally played Fire Field. I thought it was notably absent from the racing games episode.

  2. It's actually Tatsuyuki Maeda, but the updated set I supplied to Project2612 has not been uploaded to the database yet.

  3. Why didn't I ever see this before!? I wrote and performed a rap song about being pasty white. When I performed it, my friend held up white pieces of paper with images corresponding to my lyrics--a la that old INXS video.

    Among the lines: "It's hard when your skin is whiter than your teeth. If only I could tan like Omar Sharif...." a photo of Omar Sharif accompanied the line. The audience loved it.

    Some other gems:
    "The managers at Walgreen's are starting to hate me 'cause I keep asking if they carry SPF 80"
    "When I get burnt, people mistake me for a monster 'cause U-V-Rays-turn-me-into-a red LOBSTER"
    "One time I met this sweet grandma; when she saw the freckles on my arms she called me white banana(true story)"

  4. I listened to the music and looked at the photo. To my surprise I grew a moustache along with hair in parts of my body that didn't have hair before. My voice has changed and I am now emitting a musky odor. Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on with my body?

  5. Man...that Sonic 3D Blast track was SO good. I hate that game and never got far enough to hear that song, so I'm very happy Rob played it. WOW I love it.