21 November 2012

Episode 108: TV Shows

TV Shows is the topic of Episode 108.  More specifically, television shows that are not cartoons, since LMH already did a cartoon focus not too long ago.  Now, while this episode focuses on music from video games based on TV shows, Brent and Rob focus their banter almost entirely on Full House, even though there is no Full House video game.  And it wasn't even something they planned, it just happened like that.  Full House.  They also talk about celebrities and lots of other things.  NOTE: Rob plays a track from the Airwolf video game for NES, without realizing that it's the actual theme song from the TV show.  Brent doesn't realize it either, even though it's so obvious and they both should have recognized it immediately.  Anyway, non-video game music adaptations are not allowed on the show, but it was too late, the episode was already recorded.  So save the emails and comments!  They get it.  Full (House) track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Mission: Impossible - Jun Funahashi (Dog-Man), Yoshiyuki Hagiwara (Hagiiiin.) - Stage 1: Underground - Konami/Ultra Games - NES - 1990

Kamen Rider SD: Guranshokkaa no Yabou - unknown - gameplay - Angel/Bandai - Famicom - 1993

ABC Monday Night Football - Emi Shimizu - Cinema - Kuusou Kagaku/Data East - SNES - 1993

Fun House - George Sanger - Stage 1 - Mind's Eye/Hi-Tech Expressions - NES - 1991

Airwolf - Sylvester Levay, Neil Brennan (arr.) - Airwolf Main Theme - Beam Software/Acclaim - NES - 1989

Gekisou Sentai Carranger: Zenkai! Racer Senshi - Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, Haruo Ohashi - Stage 4 - Natsume/Bandai - Sufami Turbo - 1996

Fun House - George Sanger - Ending - Mind's Eye/Hi-Tech Expressions - NES - 1991

Sgt. Saunders' Combat! - Masumi Takimoto (Hiroo Tengenji), Yoshiaki Kubotera, Masanori Hikichi, Tomohiro Endoh - gameplay - ChickenHead/ASCII - Super Famicom - 1995

American Gladiators - Barry Leitch - Event 3 - Imagitec Design/GameTek - SNES - 1993

Mission: Impossible - Jun Funahashi (Dog-Man), Yoshiyuki Hagiwara (Hagiiiin.) - Stage 6: Cyprus - Ultra Games/Konami - NES - 1990

The Addams Family - Jonathan Dunn - Wonderfully Gloomy Atmosphere - Ocean - SNES - 1992

SD Ultra Battle: Ultraman Densetsu - Kiyohiro Sada, Minako Adachi, Akira Shouji, Kiyoshi Suzuki - Theme of Ultraman - Tom Create/Bandai - Sufami Turbo - 1996

Kamen Rider - Norihiko Togashi - The Mysterious Cyborg - Sun L/Bandai - Super Famicom - 1993

Ultra League: Moero! Soccer Daikessen!! - Kazuo Sawa - Stage 1 - Tom Create/Yutaka - Super Famicom - 1995

The Lone Ranger - Yoshinori Sasaki (Moai Sasaki), Kenichi Matsubara, Kozo Nakamura (La Nakamur), Tomoya Tomita (Gorgeous Tomita), Kenji Fukui, Satoko Minami - Overworld - Konami - NES - 1991


  1. The Switch would like to formally apologize for playing a track that is not legal for the show. He is not familiar with Airwolf since it was produced way before he was even born. In fact, he thought Airwolf was 'Twilight' related.

    Mr. Switch deeply regrets the error and apologizes to LMH listeners worldwide.

    1. Aw, cheer up, squire! It happens to the best of us! ;-)

  2. Hahaha Airwolf is a HORRIBLE game. But I forgive you.

    Full House ruined me. There was an episode where DJ told Stephanie that every time a boy sees a pretty girl he starts messing with his hair. Then, I started noticing myself doing that, and now I do it everytime I see a pretty girl. It's a tell, and has been for 20 years.

  3. Btw, I've been coming across a lot of nes/famicom soundtracks where for example the soundtracks have 8 tracks, and six of them will start with 6 different sound effects but then play the same song as the track before it. Make sense? Anyway I'm trying to figure out what to call soundtracks that do this. What's the perfect name for these fellas?

    1. Variations on a theme?

      I don't know, do you have an example?

    2. I don't remember which one I was referring to at the time, but Metal Gear does that. I just noticed. Sorry for he late response, I forgot I wrote this.

  4. That track does sound like Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini (aka the Spy Hunter theme).
    Also, looking forward to another rock episode!

    Any thoughts on a hip hop episode?
    Was playing super mario 3 and the underground music for that is so phat!

  5. This may or may not be of interest to you

  6. Last night I watched Full House episode #154, "The Prying Game". I found the Spray Guard 2001 to be pretty hilarious.

  7. Sad there was no Home Improvement mention. Then again that game is pretty terrible, except for the fact you fight dinosaurs with a power drill.

    I just know we will get some great Tim Follin for the Rock episode.

    Thanks for the great cast

  8. Wow - I don't remember playing Airwolf, but i remember the hell out of that track -- NICE.

  9. Thought it was cool that you guys mention the Tokusatsu genre.
    I love that stuff.

  10. I could have listened to a whole episode of Brent's Full House stories.

  11. Attention users! Have you ever wanted to experience LMH in a new and exciting way you never thought possible? If so, your wish has been granted. Now you can listen to LMH AND watch a bald white guy eat carrots.