20 March 2013

Episode 125: Gundam Games

Gundam is a huge toy/anime franchise in Japan about giant battle robots.  And because it's so big (the franchise), there were tons of Gundam based video games.  Episode 125 focuses on those games.  The boys pick some fun tracks and talk about C&C Music Factory.  More like B&R Music Factory though, right?  Or maybe B&F Music Factory.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Monogatari - Haruki Adachi - Title Screen - TOSE/Bandai/Angel - Famicom - 1991

SD Gundam GX - Tomoyuki Hamada - Battle in the Upper Atmosphere - Bec/Bandai - Super Famicom - 1994

Kidou Senshi Z-Gundam: Away to the NewType - Akihiko Mori - At Peace - Bandai - Super Famicom - 1996

SD Gundam Gaiden 2: Entaku no Kishi - Miyuki Uemura - Dungeon - TOSE/Yutaka - Super Famicom - 1992

Kidou Senshi V-Gundam - Akihito Suita (Switch.E), Mitsuto Suzuki - Space Dust - TOSE/Bandai - Super Famicom - 1994

Super Gachapon World: SD Gundam X - Tomoyuki Hamada - Battle in the Forest - Bec/Yutaka - Super Famicom - 1992

Kidou Senshi Gundam F91: Formula Senki 0122 - Norihiko Togashi - White Base - Nova Games/Bandai - Super Famicom - 1991

SD Gundam Power Formation Puzzle - Katsunari Kitajima, Takane Ohkubo - Moon - Tom Create/Bandai - Super Famicom - 1996

SD Sengokuden 3: Chijou Saikyou Hen - Kenichi Kamio - Title Screen - Bandai - Game Boy (Japan) - 1992

SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Monogatari: Ooinaru Isan - Ani - Harp - TOSE/Bandai/Angel - Super Famicom - 1991

SD Gundam G Next - Tsuyoshi Tanaka (?) - Phase Theme 13 - Japan Art Media/Bandai - Super Famicom - 1995

SD Gundam G Next - Tsuyoshi Tanaka (?) - Mobile Suit Battle (Ground) - Japan Art Media/Bandai - Super Famicom - 1995

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Cross Dimension 0079 - Kenichi Kamio - Re-Entry to Earth - Bandai - Super Famicom - 1995

G-Arms: Operation Gundam - Kenichi Kamio - Title Screen - Bandai - Game Boy (Japan) - 1991

SD Sengokuden 2: Tenka Touitsu Hen - Kenichi Kamio - Title Screen - Bandai - Game Boy (Japan) - 1992


  1. The SD characterizations are also known as "chibi" characters, and a new game that gave a lot of it's characters the SD makeover is Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. This game is essentially Nobuo Uematsu's greatest hits rhythm game, and is one of the most addictive games I have played in recent years. It is for the 3DS and iOS if you are interested. Great show guys, keep it up!

  2. Spandau Ballet: "Oh I want the truth to be saaaaaiiiiiiidddd"

    I don't know a lot about the Gundam series but I'm going to make 3 bold statements right now based on what I know about Bandai and Tose:

    1.Most of these games probably suck.
    2.The only good thing about a Bandai game is usually the soundtrack.
    3.The only "great" Bandai game is probably Monster Party.

    I'm open to opposing views though, and surely there's a game I've overlooked, right?

  3. This was an excellent episode (as always). This was a fantastic focus and I've been a fan of Gundam Wing (that's the anime) and the mechs are indeed piloted. Keep 'em coming guys! Every Thursday on my way to work in the morning I start my day off with your podcast. Best way to start the day!

  4. Gundam games aren't usually great but when Cartoon Network picked up their first series when I was 9 I downloaded and played a lot of these games through whatever emulation sites there were in 2000. I have a lot of good memories of some of the games you played even if they were pretty bland games.

    As for the shows themselves; they're usually kind of cheesy but it wouldn't be a horrible idea to try one on a rainy day or something. They're all war soap operas about someone stumbling into a Gundam and having to pretty much abandon their ideals and become warped by war due to piloting the mechs. They sometimes do a good job depicting the horrors of war but usually end up being escapist and fun. The games don't really capture that but they're interesting to play.

    Have a good week. Excited to hear next week's episode.

  5. I have a question for Brent about his vg ethics. What would you consider more of a "bastardization" and would thus be less likely to play it. The lost levels on tr Mario all stars cartridge for the Super Nintendo, or the rom of the Japanese version of super Mario 2 that was released on the wii?

    P.s. lovely choices on this episode!