24 September 2014

LMH Mixtape #8: Mari Yamaguchi

Episode 8 brought us LMH's second composer focus, this time on Mari Yamaguchi.  Yamaguchi was equally talented at crafting tight, catchy tunes for the NES as she was at composing sweeping symphonic pieces for the SNES.  If you don't already find yourself wishing that more orchestras in the world would perform video game music, this mixtape will change that.

NOTE TO THE DETAIL-ORIENTED:  Mari Yamaguchi only arranged the track "The Minks" from U.N. Squadron (Manami Matsumae composed) for the SNES, and it's also possible that Yamaguchi did not compose "Introduction" from U.N. Squadron and that the composer of that track is unknown.  Also, with Final Fight 2's "Flower Shower", Yamaguchi might not have composed that track, but it's just a guess (a bunch of composers worked on that soundtrack).  Also also, Yasuaki Fujita confirmed somewhat recently that he composed "Distant View" and "Expedition" from Breath of Fire, but authorities at the Legacy Music Hour believe that Yasuaki is actually remembering things incorrectly.  It was 20 years ago, after all.  "Distant View" sounds so much like Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts that it seems impossible to not be Yamaguchi.  Also, "Expedition" really sounds like her too, and is very similar to Magical Quest in certain parts.  So all these tracks have been left included in this mix, even though it's up for debate whether or not they should be there.


Instant new favorite:  Mega Man 5 - Napalm Man
New brewed favorite:  Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts - Ice Forest

This song needs lyrics:  Final Fight 2 - Flower Shower
Needs to be performed by an orchestra:  Breath of Fire - End of Journey

Picardy Third Alert:  Mickey to Donald Magical Adventure 3 - The Sea with Shells

Track listing and original episode:



  1. Ahh... Listening to the old episodes in this format has helped me discover some great tracks! After a long day of work, I walked in the streets of Seattle to my tiny studio apartment with Mari Yamaguchi - Final Fight 2 - Flower Shower as my "town" music. It was very pleasant!

  2. How about these lyrics for "Flower Shower?"

    I'm never looking back
    No I'll never see you walk to your car
    And I won't see where you're going as I close the door
    I'm never gonna crack
    No I'll never call you on the telephone
    And I won't be sending flowers to your office or your home.

    But if I don't look back then you'll never see oh baby,
    Girl the tears in my eyes that have been there since you said

    And if I never crack then you'll never know oh baby
    Girl, what you did to me when
    you said that you were always gonna be my girl
    When you said to me forever girl
    I know someday you will hear the things I’ll never say
    Until you drive away
    I love you truly (I like your booty?)