23 September 2016

Video: Legacy Music Hour at Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2015

Last year, Brent and Rob visited the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.  Here's some of what happened.

Thanks to Brett Roberts (www.brettrobertsvideo.com), Art Santana (www.groundkontrol.com), Trevor Thorpe, Nick Beaird and Alex Ell.


  1. The question now is...Rob can you handle blowing a Neo Geo cart? LOL

  2. Oh my god! Love it! I'm on the bus to my job this morning, and I'm cracking up!!!

  3. Absolutely brilliant. This needs to become a regular feature please. Now that you went live action there is no turning back. Can you just install a camera during the recording? I'd love to see the show.

  4. Muito bacana o vídeo!
    Parece que algumas pessoas não entenderam a piada de Rob com a moeda na máquina ('nexting'). Muito divertido!