15 November 2017

LMH Mixtape #63: Flying and Shooting 2

In this unexpectedly romantic episode, the boizz revisited the flying and shooting genre and reminded us of just how awesome it is.  The original episode was a milestone as well, with Brent and Rob announcing their official induction into the Nerdist network.  So clink your glasses in honor of the Legacy Music Hour, these tunes, and yourselves.  May our worlds never be forgotten.


Instant new favorite: Phelios - Staff Roll
Other instant new favorite: Axelay - Colony

Brewed new favorite: Air Zonk - Stage 1: Toxy Land
Other brewed new favorite: Star Solider - Stage Music

I'd like some toast with that jam: Axelay - Colony

Track listing and original episode:


1 comment:

  1. That hit the spot.

    I listened on the way home from a hot, humid day of out-door work in this southern hemisphere summer, covered in sweat and dirt. Driving along with Lightening Force was just what I needed, Gunstar Heroes felt soothing as it never has before, and there was a jam from my man Taro Kudou to look forward to at the end.