29 November 2017

LMH Mixtape #64: Ninja Games

Just as there is a wide variety in ninja types (turtle ninjas, intergalactic ninjas, ninjas named Joe), so too is there great variety in the video game music of ninja-themed titles.  As you listen through Brent and Rob's hand-picked tunes, many of which backed the adventures of some the greatest shadow assassins of all time, you might find yourself wondering where YOUR ninja future is headed.  Will you become a legendary warrior after you graduate, or will you just stay at home, binging on smoke bombs and cereal?  Ultimately it's up to you, so grab your diploma, throw your shuriken in the air, and try to make the most of it.


Instant new favorite: Zool: Ninja of the 'Nth' Dimension - Worlds 2 & 6 (Music ~ Carnival)
Other instant new favorite: Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - Solitary

Brewed new favorite: Ganbare Goemon Kirakira Douchuu: Boku ga Dancer ni Natta Wake - Water Moon Cliffs
Other brewed new favorite: Shinobi - Yasuhiro Kawakami - Bonus Stage

Track listing and original episode:



  1. Hey thank you for the mix tapes!!! Love them ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️😘👍👌😊

  2. Whoa, two in one month?! Thanks! This might be my all time favorite episode. Great music and great banter.