24 July 2019

LMH Mixtape #96: World Music

Make sure you've got your luggage and your boarding pass, because we're off on a tour of music from el mundo!  This Legacy Music Hour episode featured tunes that aimed to invoke indigenous music from specific places all over the globe.  We'll be traveling to INDIA, JAPAN, BRAZIL, and even places beyond the Street Fighter II announcer's repertoire.  You don't need to stow your electronics or keep your seat in an upright position for takeoff or landing, though, so this flight should be comfy from beginning to end.  Bon voyage!


Instant new favorite:  New Horizons - The Mahout
Other instant new favorite: Fantasy Zone - Hot Snow (Round 5)
Brewed new favorite:  Earthbound - Threed, Free at Last

Blatant Favoritism Award:  Street Fighter II Turbo - Dhalsim

Track listing and original episode:


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