26 February 2020

LMH Mixtape #113: New Age Music 2

The Legacy Music Hour kicked off an early new year's celebration in December of 2012 with a stirring return to New Age music, and now in 2020 you can meditate along to the festivities in music-only style.  Just let your mind drift away on the synths and strings, and we'll meet you back here when you land.


Instant new favorite:  Stealth - Mission Briefing
Brewed new favorite:  Beyond Oasis - Evil Territory
Other brewed new favorite:  Mario Paint - Mysterious

Track listing and original episode:



  1. Hey, long time no see Anonymous! Hope you're good too.

    This was another fantastic listen. Even though these mixtapes are a bonus part of Legacy Music Hour, hearing the tracks in their own right as a standalone playlist really do show that you boizz put a lot of care in the first place when ordering them for a regular episode. Even though due credit goes to KeyGlyph for releasing these in this form to the public, I suspect that you approach each episode before recording them like the mixtape already exists. Of course, when us users eventually hear the recorded and released episodes, it always just feels like Brent and Rob are playing tracks they love to fit the mood/theme one tune at a time, like freestyle DJs that impulsively know how to please and surprise a party crowd. The end result is that both the episodes and the "later" mixtapes hold up in their own right. That's why I love this show! Professionalism and passion truly makes the best one-two hit, and with the combo chains that are both of your personalities, that's why the three initials of "LMH" is repeatedly top ranking on the proverbial player scoreboard for music podcasts. Keep those victory wins coming!


    P.S. The sub-bass on that Mario Paint track is something else! I thought only the Genesis could achieve such low [c]rumbling frequencies...