18 March 2020

LMH Mixtape #114: Neo Geo

Clocking in right after the boizz'z early New Year's New Age celebration came the first show of the Neo year: a Neo Geo focus!  Instantly recognizable by its red cabinet, four bright buttons, and two joysticks*, this cartridge-based arcade system brought its own incredible sound to the video gaming landscape.  Kick back with this eclectic mix of textures, attitudes, and tunes.  The future is now!


Instant new favorite:  Alpha Mission II - The Space Flight (Area 1)
Other instant new favorite:  Blue's Journey - Boss
Brewed new favorite:  Thrash Rally - Round 4: 1000 Lakes (Finland)
Other brewed new favorite:  Magician Lord - Castle of Devils

* lyrics borrowed from Keith Apicary's classic Neo Geo Song (Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks)**
** which I cannot believe is now almost exactly a decade old, oh my god

Track listing and original episode:


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