05 May 2021

Episode 236: Beyond 16-Bit 7

Here we are with another fifth generation and above focus with a bunch of really great tracks.  Rob dances a lot in this episode, and Brent does not.  He just likes to watch.  But they both talk about dancing a good share and other topics such as adults (and content made for adults) and the length of things in inches, as well as things being unraveled.  Rob also falls asleep.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Track - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Alice: Madness Returns - Marshall Crutcher - PlayStation Menu Idle - Spicy Horse/Electronic Arts - PlayStation 3 - 2011

Cyber Shadow - Enrique Martin (Pentadrangle) - Robot Factory (Chapter 6) - Mechanical Head Studios/Yacht Club Games - Xbox One - 2021

6 Inch My Darling - Mari Igarashi, Hironobu Yawata, Yuzuru Funabashi - Morning - KID - Sega Saturn (Japan) - 1998

Darius Gaiden - Hisayoshi Ogura - VISIONNERZ ~Hallucinated People~ (Zone A, B, and C) - Taito - arcade (Japan) - 1994

Mahjong Doukyuusei Special - Fumika Matsumoto - Summer Mirage (Natsuko Gameplay) - MBA International/Make - Sega Saturn (Japan) - 1996

Everhood - KM_EXP - Victory Song - Foreign Gnomes - Nintendo Switch - 2021

Cyber Shadow - Enrique Martin (Pentadrangle) - Mekacity Ruins (Chapter 3) - Mechanical Head Studios/Yacht Club Games - Xbox One - 2021

CrossCode - Deniz Akbulut -  Autumn's Rise - Radical Fish Games - PlayStation 4 - 2020

Fortnite Battle Royale - Rom Di Prisco - Lobby (OG (Classic)) - Epic Games - PlayStation 4 - 2017

CrossCode - Deniz Akbulut - Raid - Radical Fish Games - PlayStation 4 - 2020

Winning Post 3 - Kaori Nakabai - Riders Explain Issues - Koei - Sega Saturn (Japan) - 1998

Daytona USA - Takenobu Mitsuyoshi - Let’s Go Away - Sega - arcade - 1994

Black Dawn - Tommy Tallarico, Todd Dennis - Action Theme Remix - Virgin Interactive/Black Ops Entertainment/Point of View - Sega Saturn - 1997

Magical Tetris Challenge - Masato Kouda (Masato Coda) - Minnie's Theme/Versus Minnie - Capcom - PlayStation (Japan) - 1999

Wii Shop Channel - Kazumi Totaka - Main Theme - Nintendo - Wii - 2006


  1. The band Gabecube was thinking about was probably Vulfpeck.

  2. There's a 20 min doc with Takenobu Mitsuyoshi from just last year, and of course he's gotta drop some Daytona bars:

  3. Hey, that Everhood track is actually ripping off/sampling Morning Star by T-Square. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nolhMUo3t5w

    1. Makes one wonder if the other parts of the track are sampled from other pre-existing pieces as well and if the whole entire track is comprised of different parts of various pieces.

    2. Got word from the composer that that one section was an intentional cover/reference of/to Morning Star, but the rest of the piece is all original.

  4. The Magical Tetris Challenge song reminds me a lot of the Bubbly Washing Machine level song from Super Monkey Ball 2. It has very similar instruments, composition, and overall vibe:


    The Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 soundtracks have some incredible music. Not unlike the other billiards games you guys have played in the past on your show, Super Monkey Ball 1 has a billiards mode with a song that I think will be right up your smooth jazz alley:


  5. Great episode boiz. Lots of great music!

    1. Also just to say I put in the 60+ hours it took to beat Crosscode and reallly really really loved all of it. One of my favorite games. I think Brent would absolutely love it.

  6. the entire Crosscode OST is amazing. never heard of it before this episode.

  7. In an interview, Ogura explained the meaning behind Visionnerz http://www.vgmonline.net/hisayoshiogurainterview/ It's deeply rooted in Jungian Psychology. He also says the opera singer was indeed recorded for the game, and before he even programmed the track. Visionnerz is one of my favorite pieces of music ever and it was nice to hear it on the show!

  8. Brent doesnt enjoy dancing and so on but im curious there wasnt much stories talked about the The Legacy Music Dance Party video years back. I dont think that was never mentioned in the podcast in any episode or just a little but not in detail. I was always curious about that video.