15 December 2021

LMH Mixtape #133: Racing Games 3

Episode 133 was the Legacy Music Hour's third lap through racing game music, and it proved without doubt that no matter how many times we return to the track, we're all gonna be winners.  The original episode may have stirred up some controversy when some of Rob's picks were denied admittance for being from horse racing games, but that just meant the boizz would inevitably visit that racetrack at a later date.  Until we get there, jump into (or onto) your favorite motor vehicle and let this mixtape go Bahamas on you.

Instant new favorite: Victory Run - Unused
Brewed new favorite: F-1 Grand Prix Part III - Middle Speed Course
Other brewed new favorite: F-1 Race - Ending

Somebody please expand these lyrics:  Taito Grand Prix: Eikou e no License - Name Entry*

*Brent's freestyle begins at 01:11:24 of the original episode
Track listing and original episode:

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