10 April 2024

LMH Mixtape #208: Ending Music 3

The boizz celebrated the start of a new year with a focus on ending music.  This is the third focus of its kind, and as you'll hear, there's no shortage of supply for great ending tracks, tracks that really shape the mood and tone of the conclusion of a game and this case, a whole range of expressions.  There's a great bluesy track from Darkwing Duck, a cool jazzy number from Viewpoint, a fully-pumped and triumphant piece from Gley Lancer, and you guessed it, so much more.  You've battled through all the levels, defeated the final boss, and so, now it's time to relax and receive your reward.


Instant Favorite: Darkwing Duck - Ending
Another Favorite: Bells & Whistles - The Day Peace Returns to Planet Mel (Ending)
Favorite track that sounds a lot like Army Dreamers: Ordyne - Ending

Track listing and original episode:

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