17 April 2024

LMH Mixtape #209: Creed II

We've got another free play full of bangers for your listening pleasure.  Looking to relax?  "Chillin'" from Side Pocket is a perfectly apt name for that track, with its tropical flavor and laid back tone.  Don't get too comfortable though, because you may be called upon to save the world with some pumped up tracks like "Outside The Base" from The Cyber Shinobi and "Hotel Dada" from The Great Battle V.  And to cap off this mixtape is a great track by Soyo Oka titled "Megalopolis" from the unreleased SimCity for the NES!


Instant Favorite: The Great Battle V - Hotel Dada
Another Favorite: The Cyber Shinobi - Outside The Base
Unreleased but not unappreciated: SimCity - Megalopolis

Track listing and original episode:

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