03 November 2010

Episode 1: Theme Song

The first episode of The Legacy Music Hour is up!  In this installment, Brent and Rob search for a theme song for the show.  Full track listing below.

Key: Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year*

*The year specified is the year the version that we played was released.  For example, as some soundtracks of the same game may vary between Japanese and North American versions, generally, we play the North American version, which may or may not have been released the same year it was released in Japan.

Metroid - Hirokazu Tanaka - Brinstar - Nintendo - NES - 1987

Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar - Toshiharu Yamanishi - Stand Up Against Myself (Staff Roll) - Technosoft - Genesis - 1992

Mega Man 3 - Yasuaki Fujita - Title Screen - Capcom - NES - 1990

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - David Wise - Game Over - Rare/LJN - NES - 1989

Rambo - Tohru Hasahe, Minki Motoyama - Title Screen - Acclaim/Pack-In-Video - NES - 1988

Pit-Fighter - The Doomsday Machine - Title Screen - Atari Games - Sega Master System - 1991

Final Fantasy II - Nobuo Uematsu - Dwarf Castle - Square - SNES - 1991

Tecmo World Wrestling - Keiji Yamagishi, Mayuko Okamura, Hiroshi Miyazaki, Mitsuhito Tanaka - Fight Music 1 - Tecmo - NES - 1990

Super Mario Kart - Soyo Oka - Rainbow Road - Nintendo - SNES - 1992

Road Rash - Rob Hubbard - Title Screen - Electronic Arts - Genesis - 1991

Pilotwings - Soyo Oka - Hangglider - Nintendo - SNES - 1991

Streets of Rage - Yuzo Koshiro - The Street of Rage - Sega - Genesis - 1991

Legacy of the Wizard - Yuzo Koshiro (comp., arr.), Mieko Ishikawa (comp.) - Overworld - Falcom/Broderbund - NES - 1989

Double Dragon - Kazunaka Yamane - Title Screen - Technos/Tradewest - NES - 1988

Blaster Master - Naoki Kodaka - Area 1 - Sunsoft - NES - 1988

T & C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage - Tsukasa Masuko - Main BGM - LJN - NES - 1988


  1. Any legacy video game music podcast that doesn't start off the first episode by playing the final music from Kid Icarus or any of the SNES SimCity music has erred right out of the box!

    Great show! Can't wait for more.

  2. no Moon theme from Duck Tales (NES)??? or ANY song from Mega Man 2? cmon!!!!


  3. Great! I am happy to have discovered your podcast, it's really cool, and I had fun listening to you, the comments about music styles is often punctual and correct, and some jokes made me laugh. :) Well, i have to listen to the other episodes now..!

  4. I was pleasantly surprised to see Metroid start things off; it's probably what I would have gone with as far as theme songs go.

  5. Well, to address your comments around the "smooth jazz" portion of this episode, you've got at least one lady listening to your podcast -- and she is absolutely thrilled.

    The Keith Apicary interview brought me here, and now that I've been exposed to your awesome and thoughtful work, I have to listen through the 40+ podcasts I missed since you started. Woah boy!

    Seriously. This show is a dream come true for me. Keep it going forever.

  6. I just discovered this podcast thanks to Brent's appearance on the Indoor Kids podcast. I think Brent should have shown some love to the Roger Rabbit track, I really enjoyed that piece of music. Keep up the good work!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the Roger Rabbit track! David Wise is a genius!!!

  7. Learned about you guys from hearing Brent be hilarious on Comedy Death Ray. Great podcast guys, this really is EXACTLY what i need in my life. Keep it going forever!

  8. Listening for the first time. Was hoping to hear a Maniac Mansion tune as an intro idea! Very glad to have found this podcast!

  9. I just started listening to this as well. I look forward to listening to all the shows.

  10. I'm re-listening to this podcast all over again, it's simply the best one I've ever heard.
    I love how competitive Brent, and Rob were starting out, trying so hard to make the case for their tracks. I love how their scope grew so vastly over the years, and they became so open minded to each others track choices.

    My favorite moments were when Brent and Rob went all gangsta on us, Rob saying "It sounds like a really sad elephant", and "I feel like I'm being blown off by a girl".

    As far as music, that Rambo track really sticks with me, it just keeps looping over, and over in my head.
    I'm not well versed in Master System, but that Pit Fighter track is the best SMS track I've heard so far!
    As much as I love the Mega Man 3, and Blaster Master track, I would have personally picked the Lightening Force track. It just ROCKS! And that lead, oh man, that lead! It's not often that a Genny lead instrument can sound so much like an electric lead guitar, and have so much clarity, and power to it! It usually sounds kinda buzzy, so that is quite an accomplishment on the part of the sound programmer. Two zippo lighters WAY up!

  11. I have been listening to the podcast for about a year now. Listened to almost every single episode, many of them twice or even three times! You guys do such a fantastic job at presenting these tracks and having fun talking about them! Ive been really wanting to play video games, but nothing new appeals to me. After listening to hundreds of hours of the Legacy Music Hour I am finally playing Chrono Trigger for the first time ever and having the most fun playing it! I have such a vast world of SNES and Genesis to go through thanks to you guys and your hard work to make such an amazing podcast! Thank you!

    1. Not to mention I listen to video game music in the shower, in the car, in the gym! Its so cool to have a whole new world to explore! Listening to original game soundtracks has become a new hobby for me! Thank you

  12. This is GREAT! i have been looking for a new podcast to listen to and came upon this like a day ago. Awesome stuff!

  13. I just about pulled my hair out while you talked about Yuzo Koshiro and didn't mention Streets of Rage, which you had JUST LISTENED TO.

  14. listened to every original episode at least 10 times over the past 4 years. Now starting again.
    Great first episode and i found it so funny Rob countered Brents song with something as slow paced and plodding as Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  15. Starting from the beginning, been keeping up on latest on patreon. Gotta get back to the roots. Love video game music and like to play the games you guys talk about and also its inspiration for me making my own video game music