30 November 2010

Episode 5: Square

In this episode, Brent and Rob present music from the company Square (and Squaresoft).  The hosts discuss the music as well as the genre of Role-Playing Games.  Full track listing below.

Key: Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year*

*The year specified is the year the version that we played was released.  For example, as some music from the same game may vary between Japanese and North American versions, generally, we play the North American version, which may or may not have been released the same year it was released in Japan.

Alcahest - Jun Ishikawa - Overworld - Square - Super Famicom - 1993

Final Fantasy Legend III - Ryuji Sasai, Chihiro Fujioka - Holy Ruins - Square - Game Boy - 1993

Chrono Trigger - Yasunori Mitsuda - The Brink of Time - Square - SNES - 1995

Chrono Trigger - Yasunori Mitsuda - Robo's Theme - Square - SNES - 1995

Secret of Mana - Hiroki Kikuta - Meridian Dance - Square - SNES - 1993

Secret of Mana - Hiroki Kikuta - Angel's Fear - Square - SNES - 1993

Final Fantasy II - Nobuo Uematsu - Cave - Square - SNES - 1991

Final Fantasy II - Nobuo Uematsu - Ending - Square - SNES - 1991

Seiken Densetsu 3 - Hiroki Kikuta - Hightension Wire - Square - Super Famicom - 1995

Square's Tom Sawyer - Nobuo Uematsu - gameplay - Square - Famicom - 1989

Final Fantasy III - Nobuo Uematsu - New Continent - Square - SNES - 1994

Chrono Trigger - Yasunori Mitsuda - Morning Sunlight - Square - SNES - 1995

Bahamut Lagoon - Noriko Matsueda - Aqui-Land Mahaaru - Square - Super Famicom - 1996

Final Fantasy - Nobuo Uematsu - Main Theme - Square - NES - 1990

Final Fantasy V - Nobuo Uematsu - Ahead On Our Way - Square - Super Famicom - 1992

Secret of Mana - Hiroki Kikuta - Spirit of the Night - Square - SNES - 1993

Seiken Densetsu 3 - Hiroki Kikuta - Religion Thunder - Square - Super Famicom - 1995

Secret of Mana - Hiroki Kikuta - Ceremony - Square - SNES - 1993

Super Mario RPG - Yoko Shimomura - Beware the Forest's Mushrooms - Square - SNES - 1996

Chrono Trigger - Yasunori Mitsuda - Far Off Promise - Square - SNES - 1995

Secret of Evermore - Jeremy Soule - Ivor Tower (The Town) - Square - SNES - 1995


  1. No comments on this episode? How is that possible??

    Anyway, just found this pod and love listening to it at work. In the unlikely event that anybody sees this: glad you guys chose the best song from Mario RPG to play here.

  2. Thanks! And yes, we do read the comments on old episodes.

  3. I am surprised you guys didn't cover Battle with Magus from Chrono Trigger. I believe that's the best track from the game. It's just an epic track. Especially with the wolf like laughter in the background. I could listen to it forever.

  4. I wonder if Rob F ever did get into RPGs.

    I'll find out eventually, I'm working my way through.

    I wonder how this show managed to evade me for so long.

  5. No Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger is a gross oversight and needs to be corrected; I've just started listening to the podcast from the start so maybe you cover this later, but really NO FROGS THEME?

  6. I AM an RPG guy, or more specifically, a SNES RPG guy. There are so many RPGs on this system with stellar soundtracks, It's so hard to even begin to scratch the surface within an hour.

    But hey, two of my most favorite VGM tracks of all time were played: Angel's Fear, and Meridian Dance! Both songs feature an amazing blend of complex jazz chords, and classical arrangements. Oh, and is it just me, or did Chris Squire from Yes sneak in some of his killer bass playing? It sure sounds like it :)
    as for Angel's Fear specifically, it features one of the most mesmerizing instrument sounds I've ever heard. I call it the "SquareSoft Piano". It is a single staccato acoustic piano note, with a short slapback echo. You can hear it, in other SquareSoft games of the era as well. In this song it was arranged to have a longer, trailing echo. It kind of reminds me of the opening piano notes of Echoes, by Pink Floyd. Just hearing a single note from the SquareSoft Piano, and I get chills.
    This is obviously not lost on Square Enix, as some of their tv commercials end with the company logo....and a single note from the "piano".

    1. Yes, absolutely, this episode barely gets into all the RPGs out there. Check out episodes 49, 123, and 124, where we really get much deeper into the archives of RPG games.




    2. Thanks for the links, but this is actually my second time listening through the podcast, in order. I'll get to these eventually, and it will be awesome. :)

  7. This feels like the episode where you guys finally started to really analyze the music and talk about it more at length, as well as letting full tracks play out even if they were long. I feel like this is the one where you started to really improve on your format. The episodes before this one are all rushed, but this one is allowed its room to breathe and I like that.

  8. "This is L.A Brent. You're going to hurt my image over here"

    One of the early classic episodes music wise. For a couple of years i associate Meridian Dance more with this podcast than the game. Also interesting to see Jeremy Soules early work is stylistically rather similar still to the work he done for Skyrim