14 December 2012

Video: Brent Weinbach Gets Ready For Bed

Inspired by a portion of Episode 92: Punching and Kicking 2, when discussing the track "Martha's Truth" from The Combatribes (music by Kazunaka Yamane), here's a montage training sequence of Brent Weinbach getting ready for bed.


  1. For reasons I can't entirely explain, I'm feeling slightly tainted at the moment.

  2. Being a person with sort of a flossing addiction, I would like to commend you for flossing during your nightly ritual. I went to the dentist a while back for the first time in over 10 years and the lady told me my teeth were in amazing shape. Floss and mouthwash, the secret to my success.

  3. The only thing this video is missing is the 80s grain filter and some fog/smoke in the background while the camera slowly zooms in towards Brent.