02 July 2014

LMH Mixtape #2: Racing Games

Whether you travel by rollerblades, motorcycle, or Blue Falcon, KeyGlyph has confirmed (through extensive on-road testing) that this mixtape will get you where you need to go in style. Once you've revisited these tracks, be sure to follow the link and revisit LMH user Brett's fantastic karaoke performance of F-Zero's Port Town at SF Sketchfest 2012, as archived on the Legacy Music Hour YouTube channel!


Instant new favorite:  Days of Thunder - Title Screen & Super Monaco GP - Exhaust Fumes
Brewed new favorite:  Road Rash - Pacific Coast & Rad Racer II - Coast to Coast

Most stuck in my head:  F-Zero - Port Town
Inspires the loudest sing-alongs:  F-Zero - Port Town
Most infectiously feel-good track:  Out Run - Splash Wave

Track listing and original episode:



  1. This is the one I've been waiting for! I'm gonna jog so hard on this.

  2. Thank you Keyglyph for all of your work. I still listen to the podcast all the time, but it's cool to have just a mix of the actual tracks.

    Side note: I've been listening to LMH since it hit Nerdist (must've been pretty early on I think), but never have made an account on here until now. Just want to say to Brent and Rob that I hope they're doing well, and as much as I would LOVE to have new LMH episodes, I think everyone still understands if that's not possible... but, can I ask, has there been any talk about more LMH?

  3. Thanks very much for the mixtape! Was wondering if you might be interested in any help? Figured if two people were working on it, one person can take a week off to not feel to hurried, or something else. If you'd like any help I am happy to volunteer! I'm kbhoyt the usual stuff for gmail

    1. Thanks for the offer, Kenny! Sent ya an e-mail.

  4. This is the perfect driving mix.

    Soyo Oka's music has that quality of getting better with every listen. There is something about Nintendo; Koji Kondo, Hirokazu Tanaka and now Soyo Oka are probably in my top six composers even though they have totally distinct styles.